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When it comes to fishing for Salmon in the Pacific Northwest few places exude as much intrigue and excitement from anglers as the words Haida Gwaii. The islands of Haida Gwaii rise from the outer edge of the continental shelf along British Columbia’s northwest coast. In fact the island chain lies closer to the continental shelf than any other land mass along the BC or Alaska coastlines. It is this geographic anomaly that we have to thank for the tremendous fishing at our doorstep. The shelf’s massive upwelling currents provide a rich feeding ground for migratory Chinook and Coho salmon. These fish are destined for all rivers from Northern BC to the lower 48. The diversity and timing of these salmon runs provide us with an unparalleled angling experience and a long season for big, strong Chinook and Coho salmon.

Bring the whole family to fish in Haida Gwaii

Quality Guest Experience

At Avid Sportfishing providing a quality guest experience is important to us. Being a smaller operation has its advantages and gives us the chance to understand what`s important to our individual guests. We tend to focus on the little things that make a fishing trip special and we have the flexibility to make changes to our regular program to suit our customers needs. Our experienced lodge staff and guides have spent decades in BC`s fishing lodge industry and know how make your fishing adventure both successful and memorable.

Just 2 Hours From Vancouver

Travel to Haida Gwaii is surprisingly easy.  A 2 hour direct flight from Vancouver, BC and you`re here! Our lodge is located just 10 minutes by shuttle van from the airport and the community of Sandspit. No additional float plane or helicopter flights required to get you to the fishing grounds. This also means you won`t get stranded in the airport due to fog when the choppers don`t fly.  Spend more time with lines in the water or enjoying the comforts of the lodge and less time getting here.

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Get the Full Package

At Avid Sportfishing everyone gets our premium package at the listed price. Our guests get everything we have to offer with no hidden costs or optional upgrades. We`ve designed our packages to include virtually everything you will need for the duration of your stay with us. Top notch accommodations and meals, professionally guided days on the water in safe and comfortable boats and all around exceptional hospitality. It doesn’t get much better!

More Than a Fishing Trip

The great fishing is only part of the adventure. The run to the fishing grounds winds though a narrow channel in the heart of Haida Gwaii and some of islands most beautiful scenery. You can expect to see Black Bear, Sitka Blacktail Deer and Bald Eagles foraging along the shoreline. Frequent close encounters with Whales, Porpoises and Sea Lions offer fantastic photo opportunities while fishing. Cartwright Sound is rich feeding ground for all species in the North Pacific.

“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”

Henry David Thoreau

Discover Cartwright Sound

The west coast of Haida Gwaii is easily one of the most remote regions of the BC coast. The only access from the east side of the islands and the communities of Sandspit and Queen Charlotte is through a narrow channel that literally dries up on the lowest of tides. The channel splits the two main islands (Graham and Moresby) and through the heart of Haida Gwaii`s rugged wilderness landscape. The run to the fishing grounds takes about 50 minutes and winds through protected inland channels the entire run to the west coast. There is a variety of different spots to fish in Cartwright Sound ranging from calm water to totally exposed coastline. The upside of fishing Cartwright Sound in comparison to other popular areas is we don`t have to fish the big water to have a productive day of fishing. Some of our best spots for Chinook and Coho salmon are in protected or semi protected water and out of the prevailing wind and waves. The west coast of Haida Gwaii can have some unforgiving weather, despite this we have never lost a day on the water due to bad weather. Discover a different side of Haida Gwaii and the angler`s paradise that is Cartwright Sound.