Haida Gwaii Fishing Reviews & Testimonials

My husband & I had an excellent fishing trip to celebrate my Birthday. Avid Sportfishing team is top-notch! Fishing was successful with Guide Neil in his comfortable Kingfisher boat. We're coming back for more!

Katie & Garnett Munroe - Gibsons, BC

The fishing trip that I took my Dad on in the first week of July was OUTSTANDING! from the lodge facilities and food to the boats and guiding. I did not hesitate when booking my next fishing trip, coming up in mid August and of course we are looking forward to see you guys again. We are making this an ongoing yearly event.

Don R. Wilson - Edmonton, Alberta

I grew up fishing the BC coast, and without a doubt my first day of fishing with Avid Sportfishing set a new standard for what fishing could (and should) be. The best guide with the best equipment in the best place. Perfect.

David Helliwell - Vancouver, BC

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and experience with Avid Sportfishing. The lodge was awesome, the chefs and food excellent. The guides worked their tails off and were extremely knowledgeable and were able to get us into some of the best fishing I have ever experienced. When I arrived home I had to do some work for Boeing and it was so nice to find all of the fish packaged perfectly in meal sized portions where I just moved it over to the freezer(what a great job on that too!!). We had some Spring last night and it smelled just like the ocean when unpackaged (the way it should) showing the quality of the packaging. I will definitely recommend Avid to all of my fishing buddies, thanks again!

Kevin Crooks - Seattle, WA

Kevin Crooks - Seattle, Wa