Frequently Asked Fishing Questions

What should I bring on my fishing trip?

Multiple base layers of clothing, warm socks, sunscreen, sunglasses, medication (If required) and of course a camera or video camera. We recommend packing light and if possible fit everything you need into a carry on size bag. This allows you to check your fish boxes as luggage at the end of your trip and avoid additional luggage fees. We supply all floater jackets, rain gear and boots, so no need to pack your own.

Do I have to tip the staff and how much?

As always gratuities are not a requirement and should reflect the service that was provided. We offer the following guidelines: Guides are usually tipped individually and separately from the staff tip pool. While amounts vary, guide gratuities generally start at $50/day per guest. Lodge Staff tips are pooled and generally range between $100 -$200 per guest for the trip. Tip envelopes for lodge staff are left in rooms for your convenience.

Are there any options for custom fish processing?

Yes, our guests have the option of sending their catch to either Haida Wild Seafoods or St.Jeans Cannery to be custom smoked and canned. Product catalogues and order forms are available through us.

What if I’ve never fished before?

This is no problem at all, Avid’s guides are there to teach you the trade secrets and make sure you have a great time while learning to catch fish. There is no disadvantage at all to being a novice angler when you come fishing with us.

What is not included in our packages?

Taxes, gratuities, lodge incidentals, custom processing (smoking & canning), airline baggage fees and alcohol.

What communication services are available at the lodge?

Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone and Land line. There is no mobile service for Rogers Communications users on Haida Gwaii.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Please inform us of your specific dietary needs upon booking your trip with us. We can accommodate for food allergies and special requests.

Is there a bar at the lodge and where can we purchase alcohol?

There is not a stocked bar at the lodge however alcohol may be purchased by guests upon arrival in Sandspit enroute to the lodge.

Do I have to buy a fishing licence before I come?

No, we supply fishing licences which are included in our package prices.